Day three… What the fuck was I thinking???

So they say that day three is the worst day, when everything hits you like a ton of bricks and you generally feel like shit…. And I have to say that they are bang on. There was no getting up early and I certainly wasn’t raring to go. I don’t think I have ever hurt like I hurt in the morning. There wasn’t enough sleep and not enough drugs. Every step was like agony. Knives running through my entire body. Everything was pain, and to top it off, I think I am getting sick.

And yet… I met a lady in the morning who was having far worse issues than mine, and as she told me them, I was like…whoah! That is harsh. We both had tears in our eyes.

My first stop, and really only walking stop was Puente le Reina, because in PLR was that magic thing, the post office. As previously mentioned, my bag weighed a fucking ton. The woman in the post office could not have been nicer. There is now a service for pilgrims at the Spanish post office. They will hold your stuff in santiago for a month from arrival and the freight rates are super cheap. I had 4.2 kilograms (10lbs approx) in my box, (no wonder the damn bag was soooooo heavy!!) and the mail, box and storage was about 13€

But i did have the most amazing tapas lunch in puente la Reina. 10€ for an assortment of goodies that almost brought tears to the eyes. In fact, as I was in Navarre, I should say they were pinxos. Whatever they were called, they were absolutely delish. If this is food in Spain, I am here for life!!

Then, like a woman in pain, I headed to the bus! Or as I like to say, a kindly Waggoner who leant aid to this poorly pilgrim, earning an indulgence for his own soul; as happens when one helps a pilgrim. Los Arcos beckoned. Yes. It was a big hop, but with this cold coming on, and the pain in my legs, highly necessary.

I slunk into my albergue… A two shell on the best albergues list. I don’t know if I will agree with that. The one in Urtega was a one shell, and it was pretty damn nice.

I am so tired all the time. Jet lag is kicking my ass. All I want is for the pain to stop…and for some sleep!


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3 Responses to Day three… What the fuck was I thinking???

  1. Robin n Jill says:

    Where are you on the Camino now? Did you take a horse up to O’Cebreiro? Miss you!

    • warbirdie says:

      I did!! I am just outside portomarin now. Where are you? You know the butafumiero only swings on Friday nights at1930? I am planning to hit santiago on Friday!

      • Robin n Jill says:

        Damn. Didn’t subscribe to this blog in time to see your reply earlier. We didn’t get in until tues, butafumerio active due to tour group purchase. Are you blogging any more? Still traveling? We’re in Barcelona now.

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