A gear update… Trekking duds…

Well I have ordered a plus sized rain/windbreaker and fleece from Columbia in the US, (big sale on now!) and super cheap runners pants by Champion from US Target. (also big sale on now!)

Trying to find pants with flat seems in a cargo style trekking pant was impossible- or at least ones where the legs looked big enough! I carry a lot of weight in my legs, and that makes things a tad more challenging. Thick thighs, small waist relative to mah bootay! Fitting me is a nightmare.

I will let you know when I get them how they work! Yoga and running type pants are generally fine… but finding ones with flat seams up the inside leg have been a challenge. Why is this so important? Chafing. In fact, even thin people have trouble with chafing when they do 20-30kms a day. It’s a sad fact of life. The odd thing is (believe me, I have looked at the inner seam of pants from one end of the net to the other) they make all the seams flat EXCEPT the inner thigh ones- and where are you going to chafe? SERIOUSLY! Flat seams aren’t just an amusing style feature. Put them where they serve a purpose! I don’t want to be a blister from my girly bits to my knees because some designer didn’t know where to put a seam


As I usually live in Europe where items for bigger women are somewhat non existent, one could say that my expectations for selection were low… so when I first got to canada, I was pretty pleased with the selection… and then I looked at what was available in the US, and how inexpensive it is, and it is like gazing onto the face of the promised land. What is sad is the difference between American websites and Canadian websites. For example, Columbia Canada’s extended sizing is really parsimonious and only in a few colours…. but in the US it is a practical bonanza of shapes, sizes, colours and selection. Then there is the problem that every canadian knows so well. Companies who don’t ship up here. Luckily, I have an address in the US which passes things along for me!

Canadian secret! Have an American friend! ❤ And know who takes an international credit card. A shocking number of american companies won’t take money that is billed anywhere other than ‘Murica. But you never find that out until you have spent 1.5 hours reading through everything, and the reviews, and inspected the seams and chosen a colour to find out that they won’t take your MFing credit card!


And then there are the few that will take your money, and will ship to Canada, but who bend you and etc with their service charges, taxes, duty and handling fees. I am looking at you, Lane Bryant!


I think this is one of the things that makes being sporty so difficult. It is one thing to say, ‘I want to go out and do’… but there is a lot of gear that is required when one starts doing serious trekking and adventuring. Of course, you don’t need to have the gear to get started. I war walked for two years in crocs! (and comfortable they are!) but I couldn’t do this adventure in them. I don’t think crocs can stand up to 500kms of French and Belgian countryside. Then there is the price of the gear, and some of it is astronomical! Absolutely out of this world. I was shocked! Being as I am on a pretty strict budget, I have had to be very careful. Thankfully, July seems to be American online sale month, and I’ve saved a bundle.

Now, lets just hope it all fits.

For more info about the Trek….


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