The lack of joy of technical clothing!

So this post isn’t about an adventure! It is about getting ready for the adventure…. and when you are bigger, this is a tough thing. There seems to be a real disconnect when it comes to big girls and technical clothing. A recent ‘home food’ binge fest has left me a little bigger than normal- for all you fans, I would say that I am a pretty solid size 22, and I am usually about an 18. (I am accepting of this change, 80% of the time… the other 20% of the time, I want to kick myself in the rear! But I am back in Canada so infrequently, that a nomsplosion is… what it is.) But even when I am at an 18, I have big legs and serious booty and a small waist. It is absolutely impossible to find trekking pants that fit. So I am fat, and I want to be fit, but I can’t get the clothing to be fit in.

I just don’t get it. I literally just don’t get it. People say- you are big so you should exercise… and as a WWFH reader knows, I do. But when you are big, it is nearly impossible to get the gear.

A few companies make some plus sized clothing, but then- at least for me- it is ALL the wrong shape. It’s like they cut for a size 10, but with a few inches added on at the waist. The technical pants all have TINY, NARROW little legs. Don’t even get me started on the calves. I have to say this it is absolutely soul destroying.

I made a trip over the US border and went to REI (Americans are a big people, so I thought I would be going to the promised land!) and was pretty devastated to discover that their size 24 technical pants wouldn’t go all the way up my legs- yet at the same time- they would have gone around my waist with about two fistfuls to spare. *cue tearing out of hair*

I cannot be the only fat chick trekker! Really, I can’t.

I tried some trekking pants from Addition Elle- a Canadian fat chick clothing company and they were also very narrow in the legs, and while they were made of a light weight, fast drying fabric, they also had regular seams going up the inside of the legs. Big no no.

Picture a girl… going on a journey beyond human endurance (30 kms in a day)… meaty thighs rubbing against each other… each having a big seam crossing over… and over… and over…. That is like the worst chub rub EVAH! So what did AE do? Decide they were going to make a ‘trekking pant’ without having researched what a trekking pant needs to be? WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME THIS WAY?!?!?!!?! And.. lets just way that they wanted an unreasonable chunk of change for their half arsed (well the arse was big enough, as usual, but the pant legs looked like an overstuffed sausage) trekking pants.

I am thinking of trying Lands End. If not, Target has a pair of 2x Champion yoga pants which are super comfy. Yes, they have a seam (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, sports companies! JUST MAKE THE DAMN THINGS FLAT!!!!) which I can sew down, and they are only $20 on a price cut from $40 and I might just get a couple pairs. I can wear one, and wash one. The fabric isn’t super fast drying, but it can hang over my pack on the road and they will dry fast enough. And at least I am not out a massive amount if I hate them. After a month on the road, I will probably want to burn them anyway.

Anyway… rant at an end.

The rest of the gear for the big trek is coming together. Packs. Poles. Shoes. Sleeping Gear. I need to do a few more gear posts to be honest. Here is the last one!

Please please please check out my Indiegogo, and if you have a dollar or two to help out, that would be fantastic! I am mostly funded for the big trek and am set for Aug 31, but I just need a little help on the last bit!

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2 Responses to The lack of joy of technical clothing!

  1. Tracy says:

    I know that it has been a year since you posted this, and your size may have changed by now, but just in case I thought I would share with you a company that I’ve had much success with as an overweight hiker. Mountain Warehouse in the UK. Their size structure is different, but their website says that they are a large fit rather than a small fit. I have had great success finding hiking gear through them.

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