Back to the Vendres…

Ok… So it is my favourite local walk. But the port is nice.


I took some new pictures because this time to keep it interesting for you, my happy readers! Also of note, I walked my way to the fish market with my new walking buddy! No, not an imaginary friend, but a lovely lass from the US. WOOT! Fresh meat for the war walking crew! In fact, she is helping me to train for the trek.

But to help you really believe that this lovely port was a veritable Hun sammich, I have managed to track down a picture of Germans in the Vendres in 1942.

Südfrankreich, Hafen, Schützenpanzer


As you can see, they were being incredibly subtle about their national affiliations. I find this rather amusing. It sort of says ‘Yoohoo! La Resistance! This is where you find our motor! Frag me here!‘ Bally Jerries!

Sadly, when the Germans left, they dynamited most of the port to keep the Americans from  using it easily. Now 70 years later, the French are starting to reconstruct some of the historical buildings that were on the quayside.


But still we see some of Louis XIV’s ramparts, once manned by Frenchmen, then manned by Germans then manned by Frenchmen again… sitting on the cliffs.

Does that make up for two Vendres posts in a row?


When Tue, 3 Dec 11:53
Where Port vendres fish market
Workout Free
How did it go I was feeling really depressed and like a total failure, so I am super proud that I hauled myself out of the house.
Workout Time 01:28:12
Total Time 02:01:40
Total Distance 6.97 km
Feeling Tired
Average Pace 12:39 /km
Average Speed 4.74 km/h
Total Calories Burned 739
Average Cadence 50
Total Steps 8743
Average Stride Length 0.80 m
Climb 156 m
Descend -160 m
Weight What is the sound of two thighs slapping?
Shoes Adidas , 10 km
Weather 12 °C, 7km/h SW, 54%
Track Points 673


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