To the Port

Yes. If I had been a German soldier in WWII, I would have thought this was the best place ever. Spared the horrors of the Eastern Front, life on the Vermillion Coast would have been pretty cushy. Sure. La Resistance was everywhere- in fact, there is a memorial to the Collioure chapter not far from my abode- but I think there would have been many compensations. Have I mentioned the weather and the wine yet?


Port Vendres is about 3km from Collioure, up and over the cliffs. I will be War Walking my way over there a fair amount. Its a nice journey from from the HQ, and there is some good training… must prepare myself for next years trek.

PV, as we locals say, is the ‘modern’ Port built by Louis XIV to be a Western Med port to rival Marseilles. Designed to be a model town, it was the best that Louis had to offer! And as ports go, PV is pretty skookum! photo_3

Yep. Those cannon are from the Napoleonic  era… when this writer would have been the bad guy. I did have a wee Hornblower moment here…

photo_6PV… a sheltered, deep water port… sun drenched…

photo_7And filled with palm trees.

Do you see what I mean? Imagine being Hans the Happy Hun, marching from dreary Berlin to end up stationed here. I am not Happy Hans, but I am darn thrilled not to be wintering in the Hauptstadt…

photo_4But lest we forget….

photo_5The brave men who fell in that terrible conflict.  This is a memorial to the RAF pilots who died over the area.

photo_1Ah, PV… I shall be back.

This is your training. Check it out!


When Mon, 28 Oct 7:37
Where Port vendres
Workout Free
How did it go It did help with the anxious. PV is really loverly.
Workout Time 01:01:38
Total Time 01:21:10
Total Distance 5.55 km
Feeling Alright
Average Pace 11:06 /km
Average Speed 5.40 km/h
Total Calories Burned 800
Average Cadence 56
Total Steps 7009
Average Stride Length 0.79 m
Climb 332 m
Descend -281 m
Weight Like a ginormous bloater on the beach
Shoes crocskin, 73 km
Weather 13 °C, 7km/h WSW, 94%
Track Points 505


Sent by iSmoothRun






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