A walk in the forest….

And… we are back! Summer has come to Berlin! I have heard that there is a season known as spring? We completely skipped that puppy and went straight on to summer… and it is walking season again!

Given that I packed back on most of the lbs I lost before, I am keen to get my wiggle on. If I gain any more weight, this will be warwaddles for health. Somehow, that isn’t going to get me around WWI France.

Today was rife with adventure… pain… terror… wildlife… vampires… and even explosives.

I kid you not.

War Walks for Health… we go there so that you don’t have to! In fact, some of today’s adventures really did involve explosives, so please be careful should you seek to recreate today’s adventures. You cannot sue me if you lose a foot… or a sherpa!

Speaking of sherpas! I received an email this AM from a German friend we shall label only as T, because he needs to be a little careful about his adventures with the Warbirdie. Entirely work related! Nothing nefarious! He said he would be over at 10 for an adventure…. unfortunately I didn’t get the message until 9:55, so he had to stand at the door while I ran around like a ninny trying to put my kit together…

But eventually we were off… into the wilds of Henningsdorf- looking for an abandoned factory he had seen from the river. Now today was 22°c, with 69% humidity and we were heading to the edge of a slough. The air was thick with the sound of the Brandenburg Luftwaffe… also known as the GIANT MOSQUITO! These are mosquitoes which have come up from Thailand- the tiger mosquito- and they are as big as they are ravenous. I kid you not! They attacked everything… they bit me THROUGH my leggings. In the places where the stinging nettles didn’t get me. I nearly gave my last drop of blood!

We hadn’t anticipated that the area would be so valiantly defended… we were quite defenseless against the foe! Much comical cursing and slapping ensued… Only for us to discover that our quarry was behind a fence and inside the watershed.

*shakes fist at the sky* DEUTSCHLAND!!!!!

photoHere is part of the old water works. Note fence on foreground. We were on a berm. I tried to convince my stalwart companion that he should attempt to go over the barbed wire, because really… god gave man two testicles so that he could hurt one in a foolish attempt to penetrate a perimeter… but T wasn’t convinced… In fact, I got a serious case of the raised eyebrow at that suggestion. Ok. Ok.

I then suggested tunneling under the wire.. but we had no entrenching tool… and… apparently that is JUST As illegal as going over it. But we have two alternate plans. *stage whisper* AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT!!!!! Be not dismayed… we will revisit this…

photo_1The factory… through the wire… sitting there like a ripe plum!

4km later, and heavily dismayed, we headed back to the car… When I looked at T and said… all I want for my birthday is a panzerfaust.


Literally… the tank fist! *kinky*

T looked at me… gave me the brow yet again… and said… ‘I can maybe SHOW you one… but I am NOT putting one in my car.’

‘But WHY?!’ Says I.

‘Because… the TNT inside them is still viable.’

Ok. Ok.

So this is why you need to be careful when you go out in some of the woods in Brandenburg. Go with an experienced sherpa who knows what is safe, or stick to the paths. You DO NOT want to step on the wrong part of a panzerfaust. If it can fist a tank, it can take off a foot. Or a leg! Or ALL OF YOU!

So we drove from one end of the Havel to the other with a pitstop for sunscreen and insect repellent. Then we headed off to a section of forest, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Except it isnt. There is a school very close to where we were. Full of little german mine sweepers… I mean children.

I am actually not going to get more specific than this… as… it actually is somewhat dangerous. I wouldn’t have gone exploring had I not been with someone who knew what to look for and what to avoid.

photo_2Penetrating deep into the wald, we soon found these abandoned vehicle bits.

photo_3You can see the heaviness of the chassis! That isnt a civvie vehicle.

We then continued on, and were absolutely shaken out of our skin when a wild boar went whizzing through the trees near us. There are lots of wild boar around Berlin, but it is rare to see them in the day, and they can be very dangerous. At 110-200 lbs, (50-90kg) with tusks, they can really hurt you if they are startled. The same boar then ran across the path in front of us, and he wasnt a skinny minny! But we saw him, and he was pretty cool! (could have been a she too!)

Sadly, he was so fast, I didn’t get a pic!

photo_5The ravine that T crossed and I didn’t!!!

Then… we saw it… 🙂 A panzerfaust… split into two pieces. The head, and the explosive TNT part. I took a picture of the head… but I didn’t take a picture of the other part… mostly so people won’t go looking for them. This part was safe to touch!

photo_4And it made me VERY HAPPY! 😀

70 years ago, some defender of Berlin, probably a Luftwaffe soldier, tried to defend his patch with this. Did he fall before he could fire it? Did he abandon it? Was he captured? Who knows. But it is something to hold  a part of the war in your hand…

If you see one of these, leave it be… because if it is bigger than this, or has more parts than this, it could hurt you. Have I stressed this enough? Good!

Then… T found this!

photo_6A tank tread for a small tank! I squeed like a little girl and tried to pick it up… only to almost drop it on my foot. Ok. I am blond! I admit it! 😀

It was a pretty exciting walk… but after walking through the gloop of the forest, the dust… the sweat… I had some dirty little Birdie feet!

photo_8I was in the magic gold crocs… which are great for adventures… and looking at this pic… it reminds me that I need to paint my toes again. War walkers need to have good toes! 😉

This is your training. Check it out!

When Tue, 7 May 10:59
Where Henningsdorf!!!!
How did it go Hot…. Humid….22c when we started! Missed out about 1 km. hiking in forest.
Workout Time 01:20:00
Total Time 06:21:03
Total Distance 5.29 km
Feeling Great
Average Pace 15:07 /km
Average Speed 3.97 km/h
Total Calories Burned 634
Average Cadence 47
Ascend 204 m
Descend -166 m
Weight Like a T-rex trying to make a bed!
Shoes crocskin, 32 km
Weather 21 °C, 15km/h E, 69%
Track Points 474








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2 Responses to A walk in the forest….

  1. Karen says:

    Awesome! Just awesome! Sounds like grand hiking fun! You go Girl!

  2. Patrick says:

    Interesting site. Have you been to the old Luftwaffe test base at Rechlin? There’s a museum there now – but I haven’t visited yet. Albert Speer talks about his visits there in INSIDE THE THIRD REICH.

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