Bad Warbird…

I haven’t abandoned my plans or my blog… t has just been very cold here…really, far too cold for walks and adventures. The week it wasnt cold here, it was very busy. I had to do immigration stuff… a krieg all on its own!

I won’t call it a kampf… though sometimes it feels like a kampf. My own, personal…..

Not going there!

This week I have had a friend in town, so I have been braving the subzero to show her about the hauptstadt. Sadly, ismoothrun doesn’t really understand the stop and starts of touring. I will have to see if I can turn off autopause. Its a little mental.


So a little pic for you today… the Moltke Brücke… the forces of Fieldmarshal Zhukov took 24 hours and 4 assaults to take this bridge in the Battle of Berlin. They say that a man could walk across the Spree on the bodies of the dead Red Army soldiers. The river ran red with their blood.

War is a horrible thing.


On that subject, the German ‘Pieta’, Mother with Dead Son by Käthe Kollwitz, under snow at the Neue Wache. This is my favourite German war memorial ever. Underneath the statue are the remains of an unknown German soldier and KZ victim, earth from the camps and earth from the major WWII battlefields.

My only major beef with the Neue Wache is that since its inception in 1930 as a war memorial, it has had a military guard of honor… until… reunification. Now they have a couple of normal security dudes. I think that is just a bit disrespectful. Germany, you CAN honour your war dead. Anything less is an insult. Those boys died for you, and like or dislike the government who sent them to war, but don’t spit on their sacrifice. Many were draftees and had no choice.

Besides… the Bundeswehr Wachtbatallion doesn’t look half bad!

When Mon, 11 Mar 12:16
Where Downtown
How did it go Snow snow snow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t make tourist ing fun!!!
Workout Time 01:10:11
Total Time 10:20:03
Total Distance 5.55 km
Feeling Tired
Average Pace 12:38 /km
Average Speed 4.75 km/h
Total Calories Burned 631
Average Cadence 51
Ascend 203 m
Descend -219 m
Weight If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!
Shoes crocs, 137 km
Track Points 483
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