The Reichshauptstadt strikes back!

Reichshauptstadt… It is one of those brutal German compound words… but all it means is… Empire capital city. 🙂

And… yes. It is fighting back. Today there was more snow… and even more than more snow on the ground? There was snow falling from the sky. So I didnt go as far as I wanted to, and if there is a repeat tomorrow, I might take the day off. While I have a new, skookum walking outfit, it isn’t up for -6 with the windchill.

I AM WEAK! I know! I don’t have the toughness for this negative degrees nonsense!

So I picked up where I left off, at the Heerstr. S-Bahn station and boogied off to Theodor Heuss Platz.

photoWhich is far more exciting when you know it was Adolf Hitler Platz back in the day. Now, I don’t know if this was the *first* AH Platz, or the 21st. Most German towns had one, back when the mustachioed fellow roamed the earth.

In fact, there was even a song about it.

What is better about AH Platz is that Dr. Joseph Goebbels maintained a mistress in a flat here. Come on one of my tours, and I will even show you where!

Then I continued along, and Heerstrasse changed to:

photo_1The Kaiserdamm! Roughly translated into Emperor’s Boulevard. This is where the walk becomes more interesting. For example, you pass the most monolithic police station EVER!

photo_2That is 100% glorious Wilhelmine copshop-tacularness! I have been inside once.. and it is pretty amazing. Plenty of room for hot lightbulbs and rubber hoses and all those things that the German police used to hold dear. This has always been a police station… so.. if you want to have a little thrill, I am sure the Gestapo, at some point, did SOMETHING, in this building. If nothing more than having a coffee and a slice of apfelküchen! 🙂

Tea with the Geheimestaatspolizei! Such fun!

But then I took a wee detour! Not even a block… but this is WAR walks for health, and not Police walks for health… and… There was something wicked around the corner!

photo_3The Reichsmilitargericht, or (later on) Reichskriegsgericht… the official military court in Berlin! You could end up here if you were naughty, or… and enemy of the regime. Treason, desertion, espionage… those sorts of things would get you a visit here. Now this whole building is private flats… I dream of living here! It would be fitting!

photo_4Informational pamphletage. Essentially, in memoriam to all the conscientious  objectors and resistance members who met an unpleasant fate because of a judgement here.

Germans love to put up signs to remind themselves how guilty they feel about the war. Truth be told, on the allied side, we weren’t very nice to ‘conchies’ either, though we didn’t kill them. I am not entirely sure what happened to conchies in Germany. I know that the Jehovah’s Witnesses were put into concentration camps because they wouldn’t fight.

photo_5Speaking of Nazi Germany, every so often one gets a taste of it here. This is one of very few reich eagles remaining in the city. This building is now a tax office… so really, not much has changed. I wonder if the swastika is underneath the number there. Oh, to go look! 😀


Speaking of bad birds, am I allowed to say that the nazi eagle was a glorious piece of design? It is just so art deco and fab…

Lastly… one other piece of Nazi Berlin on the Kaiserdamm…

photo_6Albert Speer’s lovely lamp stands… to light the way in Hitler’s Germania. The building behind is 18 different shades of fab as well!

After this, the snow came back with a vengeance, so I called it a day and wound my way home!

Was in my open blue crocband crocs- just a bit too cold on the ankles for such a bitter day… but they are so comfy!

This is your training. Check it out!

When Wed, 20 Feb 12:33
Where Bismarckstr
How did it go Bastarding Berlin decided that snow on the ground wasn’t enough!!!!!! It was coming down hard.
Workout Time 01:23:22
Total Time 01:23:22
Total Distance 7.39 km
Feeling Alright
Average Pace 11:17 /km
Average Speed 5.32 km/h
Total Calories Burned 904
Average Cadence 56
Ascend 297 m
Descend -284 m
Weight France would fit three times in my trunk!
Shoes crocs, 117 km
Weather 0 °C, WC: -6 °C, 17km/h N, 93%
Track Points 603





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