Conquering Berlin…

Feeling a little out of control of my life, and feeling the need to stamp my foot on something, I have decided to conquer Berlin. I need to reduce it. Own it. Make it my bitch. 🙂 Almost five years here, and I still find that Berlin and I have  a toxic relationship. I tell all people who move here that Berlin will do its best to break them. Most of them say it is true. Well now it is my turn. The tables are turned. No more will Berlin walk over me!

Like Zhukov in 1945, I am going to beat Berlin. This week, I am walking across it. All 40 kms of it. Yes. Berlin is a damn big city. It always has been spread out. But there is one street that goes right across it… though it changes names several times. It is covered in history. There will be many War Walks pictures and tales. Several wars will be discussed! But this is something I need to do for me.


Who will win? Who will cry Uncle first?

Now… I am going from west to east. Not the historical direction of the Battle of Berlin, but… it was easier to start from home today. And Berlin did NOT play fair! Digging deep into its bag of nasty tricks, I woke up this morning to a city covered in SNOW! So I responded with my crocs hiking boots. Not my favourite for the long walks, but hey… I was out. I was walking. TAKE THAT, BERLIN!

Joining me today in my ramblings was my oft sidekick, the infamous Kookie. Just getting into the swing of walking, after being laid low by a diabolical metatarsal for five weeks, Kookie is tramping with me for at least some of my journey.

Today was… boring. But I knew it would be. From the lair of this stalwart historian, picking up the Kookie, down into the Wilhelmstadt, to Heerstrasse (as seen in another episode!)…. Heerstrasse being the beginning of this VERY VERY VERY long street.

What is somewhat amusing about Heerstrasse is that during the Cold War, the British built much of their officer and family housing there. Yes. The British Army on Army Street. Its almost funny. And it looks like it was built by an army. All the houses are exactly the same. Not much has changed since the British departed. Its kind of sad really. I should have taken a picture, but I didnt. It sadly, wasn’t worth it.

We also walked by the Allied War Cemetery of Berlin, but it was closed due to snow. I will have to go back at another time!


What was worth it were these grand Wilhelmine gates into Charlottenburg. How wonderful are these?

imageWith a small Kookie for scale! These are literally in the middle of nowhere. I doubt that most people even know they are there. As well, they are slightly off the road. You would drive by them, and despite the size, completely miss them!


Incredible detail with the soldier’s head.

Eventually we made it to our destination! The Heerstrasse S-Bahn stop. Our end marker of the day…

image_2But tomorrow is another day!

Sadly, my ipad restarted itself while I was on the train, and it ate .4 km. But Kookie will stand witness that this should be 9.12 km for today. I WAS ROBBED! See! Berlin doesn’t play fair! My ipad has never just rebooted itself!

This is your training. Check it out!

When Tue, 19 Feb 13:33
Where To heerstrasse
How did it go It cheated me out of .5 km. something made my ipad restart.
Workout Time 01:41:07
Total Time 03:33:58
Total Distance 8.62 km
Feeling Great
Average Pace 11:44 /km
Average Speed 5.11 km/h
Total Calories Burned 934
Average Cadence 52
Ascend 257 m
Descend -266 m
Weight Hopefully less than Stalin…
Shoes croc boots, 30 km
Weather 2 °C, WC: -1 °C, 13km/h N, 87%
Track Points 731


Taken in the bath later on… the real hero of this tale!

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6 Responses to Conquering Berlin…

  1. Karen says:

    LOL! Love the unsung hero at the end!

  2. Mom says:

    You can whip Berlin into shape .

  3. madonna mussolini says:

    Why, your side kick is beautiful!

  4. rabbie burns says:

    Bird,you will stand on the toes of Berlin and tweak it’s nose for good measure!!

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