Insel Eiswerder

Twas a long’un today! Or… as far as I am concerned it was. In fact, it was my second longest walk to date! And made wearing my new walking outfit… a Valentines day prezzie from my parents. They are being very encouraging about the de-larding/fitness project. And it is even Red! 🙂 All keeping with the theme. And now that I have HI TECH walking clothing, I anticipate great speeds! 😀

Thank Goodness for sales at Karstadt.

I had a real shock when I went into the Karstadt Sports store. Running and walking clothes cost the earth! Now, I am all for spending a bundle on things like shoes, and frillies and evening gowns… but… 150€ for a lightweight running jacket just seems a bit much. And… dear GOD! The price of running pants? I am sorry… but at 120€, they damn well better run for me and burn extra calories and hire a Sherpa to serve me maitais at regular intervals! I could not believe it. I didn’t even look at trainers. Nope. Maybe I will do my big World War One walk in combat boots and puttees.

Do I sound sad, pathetic and poor? Well… I am! 🙂

But enough about me! On to my walk! Today I went on a long loop along the Havel so that I could cross Insel Eiswerder. An insel is an island auf Deutsch… just so you know! I actually did it do get a scenic pic of the back of the zitadelle and the old town, but little did I know that Eiswerder has its own exciting military history. Spandau is just lousy with war!



The Zitadelle and Altstadt Spandau from the Grand Eiswerderbrücke.

When you go onto the island, there are many awesome 19th c buildings. Big brick warehouses. The sort that in Canada (or in the UK, as my walking companion assured me!) would be turned into really expensive lofts. In fact, the entire island would normally be a yuppie playground out my way. (If you know Vancouver, you might know Granville Island. Think like that!) Well, once upon a time, there was a military base on Eiswerder.. along with the Royal Fireworks factory, a foundry and artillery workshop and a munitions factory. Sadly, I didn’t take any pics on the island itself, but I will go back for a loop of it, and general explore when it isn’t so cold.

Shoes. Today’s shoes were my Crocband winter crocs. Also known as my favourite walking crocs. I know they don’t look like much, but these shoes are great. It’s almost like being barefoot.  They have spongier soles than my dressier crocs, (was part of a more athletic line) and they have a neoprene lining for warmth(yes. They pong after a walk. They pong BADLY!!!! Despite a trip through the wash!) I need to find out what new lines of Crocs equate to these as they are about 2 years old. Perfectly broken in. When I got them, they were a bit small, but crocs stretch. In fact, as a crocs devotee, I always tell people to err on the smaller side than the bigger side with their non clog shoes. Yes. You might start out with them a bit pinchy… you might get a new blister or two… but once they have croc’ked to your feet, bloody brilliant. And they do stretch. I think I have all my crocs callous these days.

photo-110And now… for the log!

Oh! I wrote ismoothRun, my generally brilliant tracker, and they are working on my little issue! 🙂

This is your training. Check it out!

When Thu, 14 Feb 15:06
Where Insel Eiswerder
How did it go Cooooooooooooold!!!!!
Workout Time 01:46:57
Total Time 02:23:42
Total Distance 9.02 km
Feeling Good
Average Pace 11:51 /km
Average Speed 5.06 km/h
Total Calories Burned 1027
Average Cadence 55
Ascend 291 m
Descend -272 m
Weight Like Taft in a bathtub.
Shoes crocs, 100 km
Weather 1 °C, WC: -2 °C, 11km/h SE, 75%
Track Points 787


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  1. gpcox says:

    Your weight stat here gives me pause.

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