Back to the Wald

So today a friend and I walked through the Spandauer Forst… Or the Spandau forest. (Yes. Sometimes, German is that easy… a whole 23% of the time.) Living in the forest are…deer, foxes, pole cats and wild boars… I have yet to see a wild boar here, but they are actually quite endemic. They can be rather dangerous. According to Wikipedia, it is 1347 hectares, making it one of the largest forests in Berlin.

Which really isn’t saying much as Berlin is a city-state and not really all that big. Had I said it was one of the biggest forests in Bavaria, that would be saying something. And yet not saying much… as I come from Canada where we pretty much have forests as big as Germany. But I digress.

It was a crisp, clear, cold day… about -1. Bit slippery… snow on the ground, but rather magical too. European forests have very little underbrush… unlike the primordial variety I am used to. I could never understand how people could fight in forests until I came here. A forest where I come from has massive ferns like something out of a Jurassic park movie. Here, you can see your enemy a good ways off.


Today’s shoes were my crocs cobbler hiking/winter boots. Nice and light, considering. While I prefer my other crocs, they aren’t good for forest hiking!


But again… not what you expect when you think Crocs, now are they? 🙂

Sadly, ismoothRun disappointed me, and set itself to run again. I have to figure this thing out. Its also not giving me the weather anymore. 😦

This is your training. Check it out!

When Wed, 13 Feb 14:14
Where Spandauer wald
Running Time 01:18:39
Total Time 01:18:39
Total Distance 5.98 km
Feeling Great
Average Pace 13:09 /km
Average Speed 4.56 km/h
Total Calories Burned NO NO NO!
Average Cadence 50
Average Stride Length 0.77 m
Ascend 194 m
Descend -183 m
Weight If I believed this was true, I would cry!!!!!
Shoes crocskin, 7 km
Track Points 498
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