I Walked to Mexiko…

Mexicoplatz, that is!

For work yesterday,  I had to motor down to southern Berlin- a place called Zehlendorf and decided I would walk from Nikolasee to Mexikoplatz to get in some of my marching. For Berlin, it is surprisingly hilly, and I was burdened down with my heavy work bag, and comfortable but dressier shoes (also known as my cripple shoes!) which are a little harder to walk in.

Zehlendorf is where the who’s who and what’s what of Berlin have traditionally lived. If you want a villa, this is where you find it! 🙂 And the Mexikoplatz station is one of the best!


Today I also did about 4 km, but I didn’t log it… so no special post for that! 🙂

Sadly, It set itself to run for some reason.

This is your training. Check it out!

When Mon, 11 Feb 15:40
Where Mexikoplatz
Running Time 01:20:42
Total Time 01:20:42
Total Distance 6.12 km
Feeling Tired
Average Pace 13:12 /km
Average Speed 4.55 km/h
Total Calories Burned Nope.
Average Cadence 51
Average Stride Length 0.75 m
Ascend 160 m
Descend -149 m
Weight WHY?!
Shoes crocskin, 1 km
Track Points 543
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2 Responses to I Walked to Mexiko…

  1. gpcox says:

    Love your weight here.

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