Not blogged in a few days… But I did some walking. 🙂 The first was a 5 km jaunt around my part of town… Nothing particularly war’y… but I did pass a bit of fab 1920’s (1927 to be precise) Chinoiserie. This development must have been quite something back in the day! :)IT is still pretty cool now. Developers just don’t do anything all that cool anymore. Image

And then… the snow came.

Headed out into the woods where there was both Berlin wall stuff, and war stuff, but sadly, the white stuff fell from the sky… so while I usually try to do 5km on the street, I think that 2 km in fresh, undisturbed, ankle deep snow was really plenty. I felt like I had been on a much bigger hike than that… I was sooo tired.


Planning to go back when there isnt snow.. apparently there was a lot of fighting in these woods and all sorts of war goodies can still be found. I would like a nice panzerfaust for the hallway! 🙂

And… yesterday… I did not walk, but I went to a Berlinale dance party at the Kino International… which was THE theatre of the DDR… or east Germany. The who’s who of German communism were all probably here at some time. Sadly, the party kinda sucked.. mostly because the people in Berlin, especially the alternative crowds, smoke like chimneys. My lungs actually ache today. Its brutal…

But I did haul out the trusty ipad for a shot of the ever so 1970s chandeliers.


Lastly… I am going to tell you about my present to me! Because I logged 60km last month, and to reward myself for sticking to it, I bought some new crocs… which were on sale! Regularly 60, down to 22. ALL my shoes are pretty much crocs. I don’t think I have bought a non croc pair of shoes in about two years. Why? I have a nasty disease/condition called Ledderhose Disease. (I know… and I live in Germany! How ironic!) It makes shoe comfort really important.

Informational pamphlet-age, should you care!

But most of my crocs.. in fact… almost non of my crocs look like crocs… Except for my new ones… which are so croctastic… I had to have them. They were made for the olympics… Because… I am a champion! 😀


So I will now be showing what I walked in… because maybe… when I do my trek along the front lines, crocs will find out! Who knows.. maybe they would sponsor me! 🙂 Because… I LOVE CROCS!

I also love my skookum wallpaper!

And.. now for the log!

This is your training. Check it out!

When Thu, 7 Feb 14:03
Where Brunsbütteler Damm
Running Time 01:06:33
Total Time 07:35:55
Total Distance 5.58 km
Feeling Alright
Average Pace 11:55 /km
Average Speed 5.03 km/h
Total Calories Burned not correct because it said it was set on run…
Average Cadence 54
Average Stride Length 0.78 m
Ascend 142 m
Descend -153 m
Weight Sweet Mary Mother of God!
Shoes crocskin, 0 km
Weather 0 °C, WC: -4 °C, 9km/h W, 93%
Track Points 486
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6 Responses to Slogging…

  1. madonna mussolini says:

    i love your weight, mine is “oh for fucks sake!”

  2. Mom says:

    Good for you. The snow does look pretty.

  3. Karen says:

    Omg those crocs! LOL they might be the best ever!

  4. gpcox says:

    Thanks for following. Sure getting a kick out yours – especially those Crocs!!

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