Yes. I live in a town with a bit of war in its past. In fact… there have been a few people to wander through Spandau and get frisky. Once upon a time, there were Slavic people here. Then the Prussians kicked them out and took over. (gross oversimplification, but its easier!) Catholics did some judicious sacking and the Swedes lobbed a cannonball or two. (Swedes?! you say? Look up the 30 years war! 1618-1638) Then… well.. the French. *shakes fist at Napoleon* Oh yes. The Soviets. Still see the odd reminder of their visit. In the cold war, this was English territory. Now… well.. we are all German again. The odd Spandauer will happily call himself a Prussian, but the term is somewhat out of vogue since Prussia was dismantled at the end of World War Two.

Which… in my opinion was dumb. 

Well.. come on! They said Prussian militarism was the cause of WWI and WWII… so they took the largest province of old Germany and said it couldn’t exist anymore. That would be like… say… the US losing a war, and someone saying… right. Ok. People in Texas like a good fight… Ok. Texas will now be called…. Rio Grandeland and Texans can be called Rio Grandees and there shall, henceforth, be no further discussion of that mean, nasty place known as Texas. Because Texas causes wars. And shooting. 

*eye roll*

Ok. Rant over. I think I made my point. 


In and around Spandau were many barracks and training grounds. Leading out to these training grounds was Heerstrasse, which literally means ‘Army Street’. Because this is Germany, and Germans are so painfully literal that it is almost comical. You know… when you watch something that is ‘wince funny’? Yep. 

Heerstrasse is very long… veeeeeery long. I just walked to it… because it is actually a long, rather boring street with not much in the way of exciting scenery. 

But I did see something amazing as I walked to Heerstrasse (or, as the sign says, Heerstraße. The ß in German is the same as ss). This WWI war memorial behind the rathaus. I found it really moving… and a bit strange.


Because nothing says a ‘lost generation’ like a half naked dude in a helmet with an eagle. But when you are beside it, it is incredibly moving. 


I was faintly hoping for a hint of buttock cleft… but I was denied. Ok. Ok. I know. I am a perve, but I can appreciate a nice bit of buttock if it is justified artistically.  I suppose the artist didn’t feel it was required.. OR he didn’t need anything to detract from the hindquarters of that eagle. Sexy beast!

But enough of my dithering… onto the log!

This is your training. Check it out!

When Sun, 3 Feb 14:48
Where Wilhelmstadt
How did it go Brilliant!!!!!
Workout Time 01:39:16
Total Time 04:34:21
Total Distance 8.57 km
Feeling Great
Average Pace 11:35 /km
Average Speed 5.18 km/h
Total Calories Burned 952
Average Cadence 65
Ascend 236 m
Descend -203 m
Weight Oh Myyyyyyyyyyy!
Weather 3 °C, WC: -1 °C, 19km/h W, 81%
Track Points 726
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5 Responses to Heerstrasse

  1. Karen says:

    Go you! Keep hiking!

  2. catpain says:

    wow 8 km is a good hike

  3. madonna mussolini says:

    i love the shirtless dude with the eagle… thats what war is all about!

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