Once upon a time, there was a little dorf (village) named Staaken. It sat in Brandenburg, just west of the city of Berlin, and north of the city of Potsdam. It was a happy little dorf. The people went about their business in their German way, and all was content.

Until a total commie wanker named Walter Ulbricht (but really, I don’t have an opinion about the man!) built a wall around Berlin in 1961, and the village of Staaken was right on the outside… looking in. These days, it is hard to imagine that the wall was ever there. Houses and other buildings come up to either edge of the line… and yet, there is an ominous bare patch where once there was a wall… and sand… and guards… and dogs… and landmines and death.


It is hard to conceive that 22 years ago, I would have been shot for standing where I was standing. That this city was once divided over power and politics.

But if there are two things that mess of the world, they would be power and politics.


Berlin memorialises the wall with the Mauerweg- a 150km trail that goes around where the wall was. In a few months, my walks will be walking around the Mauerweg, so I wont say too much about it now. But… today, I was there, and I remembered.

Oh! Amazing thing about Staaken? I passed a large lady, also out walking, and she SMILED at me! OH MAI GAWD! This just doesnt happen in Berlin. It doesnt. It just doesnt. Her smile made me feel warm and cheery for at least 2 km.

Fort Hahneberg also coming soon! 🙂

This is your training. Check it out!

When Fri, 1 Feb 12:22
Where Staaken
How did it go Why is it if you are going to stumble it will be on your foot with the injury from last year?
Workout Time 01:36:50
Total Time 01:50:10
Total Distance 8.42 km
Feeling Tired
Average Pace 11:30 /km
Average Speed 5.22 km/h
Total Calories Burned 904
Average Cadence 65
Ascend 207 m
Descend -159 m
Weight Wait… WHAT?!
Weather 7 °C, WC: 2 °C, 26km/h WSW, 76%
Track Points 720
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