Plus Degrees!

Finally! The temperature has come above 0 and I was out today. Did I ever feel my week off! OY! Now the sidewalks were still mucky- Berliners seem constantly surprised by this phenomena known as snow- but it felt GOOD!


The sun was shining! The birds were singing! The Germans were staring at me, in my sockless walking crocs (I COULD GET A CHILL!) exotic knitty cap (TWO TASSELS!!!!!!!) and sunglasses (MEIN GOTT! IT IS NOT SUMMER!!!!)

As an Auslander, or foreigner, I care not what the Krauts think. (I only use the K would when they are being annoying and or ignorant) They stare at me all the time, so… meh! What else is new! If my knitty cap helps me get my walking mojo on, then… pooey on them. They are an incredibly uptight people. Anyone who tells you that in Berlin you can be who and what you want and no one cares? They speak with forked tongue. And it isnt just in my Burby part of town. Its the whole stinking place.


But enough of my hosts… I walked along the Havel River and it was lovely! There were ducks and swans (vicious birds!) playing on the chunks of ice in the river. The Wilhelmine era warehouses glittered in all their bricky goodness.

While I had war on the mind, it was modern war… I applied to go to a huge trade show today… Yes… I *DO* know where to go to buy a tank. But this other show? They sell boats too! I should be in military procurement! I would make war a whole lot more stylish!

More about historical conflict in our next installment! Should be tomorrow! 🙂


And now for the Data!

This is your training. Check it out!

When Mon, 28 Jan 14:37
Where An der Kappe
Workout Time 01:03:19
Total Time 01:34:50
Total Distance 5.56 km
Feeling Alright
Average Pace 11:23 /km
Average Speed 5.27 km/h
Total Calories Burned 639
Average Cadence 65
Ascend 173 m
Descend -166 m
Weight Embarrassingly high!
Weather 5 °C, WC: 0 °C, 22km/h WSW, 81%
Track Points 473
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