My walk of the 21st.

Yes. I know. I am a bit behind. But it just keeps snowing…. 

I do have  two x 1km stretches, but they arent blog worthy.

Oh… and there was getting absolutely hammered the other night and the ensuing hangover yesterday. I was weak. I admit it. But according to the rules… I didnt pay for the booze, so no harm, no foul.

For those of you not in the know, my new years resolution this year was that I couldnt buy any alcohol until my birthday in June.

This was buzzing around I did for work. Sadly, I was in bad shoes so I have been sore since-  but the bad shoes were due to blisterzilla from my favourite shoes. One day, that skin WILL close up!

Yes. I am a wimp… considering the scandals with british WWI profiteers who sent boots to the soldiers which were so badly constructed, the cobblers nails went into the

soldiers feet. Time to suck it up and keep walking.


Strange war fact! As late as the American Civil War, soldiers boots were still identical- there was no left and right.

Yes. I was walking in the evening, and today’s picture is one of the buildings that makes Berlin lovely. Deep in West Berlin, near Zoo station. Rather prosaic in the snow. Can you imagine it bombed out…. scorched with soot and peppered with bullet holes? Sometimes it is hard to believe the battle for Berlin ever happened….

But then I look at the bullet marks in the building I live in and it is reality.

When Mon, 21 Jan 16:37
Where An der Kappe
How did it go Fresh snow!!!!
Workout Time 01:01:48
Total Time 05:46:34
Total Distance 5.23 km
Feeling Good
Average Pace 11:49 /km
Average Speed 5.08 km/h
Total Calories Burned 613
Average Cadence 50
Ascend 227 m
Descend -200 m
Weight Au Contraire, mon frere!
Weather -3 °C, WC: -10 °C, 24km/h ENE, 80%
Track Points 454
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