Yesterday’s walk…

Decided to go clear my head before training.  Much better out on the street! Roads were cleared! Made a huge difference. 

In terms of war, I walked to the Zitadelle, which is a renaissance fortress in town. It is amazing, especially with a dusting of snow on it. The zitadelle dates back to the 1550s, and is one of the reasons I live out here. It is quite something. It only fell to Napoleon! In WWII they made nerve gas inside it. To save lives and the structure itself, the garrison surrendered to the soviets after the battle of Berlin.


Ah… the good old days. 

This is your training. Check it out!

When Thu, 17 Jan 9:11
Where An der Kappe
How did it go Much better conditions today!
Workout Time 00:57:16
Total Time 00:57:16
Total Distance 5.15 km
Feeling Good
Average Pace 11:07 /km
Average Speed 5.40 km/h
Total Calories Burned 592
Average Cadence 60
Ascend 143 m
Descend -130 m
Weight Meh!
Weather 0 °C, WC: -4 °C, 9km/h NNE, 86%
Track Points 441
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