I need to do something!

2013. Not a number that inspires confidence. 

My weight. WAY TOO MUCH! I have a BMI of 44.1. I have been fatter than this once before, and it wasnt fatter by much, and it was 15 years ago.

But I have trouble exercising. I don’t get the point of jogging to jog. Really, if there isnt a 300lb mugger with a club chasing you, then I don’t  really see the attraction. And given how much I weigh, the 300 lb mugger and I might just have a sit down and share some eating tips. 

I don’t want to be this way. 

A friend inspired me. She did it, and she did it by walking! I am just so proud of her, I could burst! Now, I want to do it too! But I need help. Why would I want to walk? I actually walk for part of my job. I do enjoy it… yet I am lazy!

So I have a plan. I have a dream. Combining my love of military history with walking! (I know! Female military historian! I am like a dog that sings opera in norwegian!)

It is my hope to walk the (relevant part) of the Western front of WWI in May of next year. Or Sept. Sept 2014 would be more relevant for the ‘race to the sea’ part yet so far away. But given that WWI is my favourite war, I think this is just the best way to Commemorate World War One. A war that has  given me so much…. um… can I say… Joy? Though not Schadenfreude. My relationship with war is a rather complicated thing. 

So this blog is going to be about me, my health, exercise and war! 

But it will take some training, and where I live (germany) and my town (Berlin) there is lots of war walking to be done! 

So… War Walks for Health! Because carnage and fitness go hand in hand. 

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